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What We Do

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Career Options Tasmania continues to be the leading outplacement provider across Tasmania whilst also supporting our clients and participants with a wide range of related services. What hasn’t changed over the years is the tailored approach we take and the great care and attention we bring to our work.


Each outplacement program is tailored to meet the needs of the participant and is delivered with a focus on regular face to face sessions. These are supported with research, writing, editing, proof reading and using our networks. Between sessions, engagement is maintained via email, text, Skype and phone. The pace or tempo of the program is determined by the participant. Programs may include:

  • ‘Taking stock’, regrouping and coming to terms with change

  • Focus on strategy, action planning and maintaining momentum

  • Assessing skills, experience, achievements, motivators and reputation

  • Creating a blueprint for the future

  • Managing one’s own brand, via LinkedIn and networking

  • Researching and considering options

  • Applying for positions - building a resume from scratch or tailoring existing documents, addressing selection criteria and writing cover letters

  • Preparing for the selection process – particularly being successful in interviews

  • Dealing with rejection and/or assessing and negotiating offers

  • Starting a new job and ongoing management of the career

Career Development

At times in a career people might find themselves feeling disinterested in their job – or they might be a rising star, or they may be wondering ‘what’s next for me?’.  We have had several organisations approach us to assist their valued staff to work through a program which has resulted in a career plan that can be supported by the employer.  Other times it's the individual themselves who approach us because they want to invest in their future.

Many factors come into play when considering which way someone wishes to develop their career.  They may be seeking advancement, further upskilling, more responsibility or even a complete change.  Other considerations about their future may include personal relationships, financial responsibilities, ambitions, lack of confidence or a poor ability at making decisions. 

Working one-on-one we take the individual through a structured program which will result in a concrete career plan and guide.  

Career Insight & Action

Our Career Insight and Action Program is an intense program often delivered within a tight time-frame as individuals grapple with their immediate options and their long-term goals.

This might include employees who are making decisions about whether to apply for internal roles; accept redeployment or leave an organisation. Undertaking the Insight and Action Program gives people precious ‘time-out’ to reflect on their career to date, gain insight into themselves and plan for the future. It can also be a time to build resilience, to celebrate what has been achieved and to look forward to a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Applications &

A resumé is one of your most important ‘branding’ documents and defines how you and your career are viewed.  It is a living document – which means you should update it regularly, tailor it as required and often have a couple of versions ready to use.  The consultants at Career Options Tasmania have many years’ experience in the art of resumé writing - creating, drafting, editing and wordsmithing for over a thousand Tasmanians from many occupations and industries.  

If you thought that writing a resumé was difficult wait until you have to write a targeted 

application document!  Some organisations require you to fully address selection criteria; others may ask you to submit a cover letter describing how you meet their requirements, or you may be asked for a one-page letter summarising why you are the best person for the position. We help you to unpick your experience, match your skills and achievements and get it all down in an easy-to-read format that shows you at your best. 


Not too many people enjoy interviews.  Many factors come into play when a candidate is told they’ve made it to an interview. Their reaction might include worrying about how to put their best foot forward; uncertainty how to ‘sell’ themselves; anxiety that they will make a fool of themselves or go blank.  Career Options Tasmania have developed a Coaching Program to support people in preparing for interviews. It is interactive, fun and gives many tips and tools to use.  

Professional Branding

This individualised program is designed to establish a person’s professional brand.  It will result in a resumé and LinkedIn profile being developed or enhanced which will demonstrate the value they bring to their work and sets the standards that others can expect from them.  Spread over three sessions the program consists of face-to-face sessions with exercises completed prior to and in between sessions to gain maximum value. 


Our coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual but set within a framework which moves the participant towards growth through meaningful actions.   We coach employees on behalf of their employer as well as individuals who seek us out.  Topics can range from dealing with being an effective people manager, working with difficult bosses/colleagues, improving performance and career prospects. The coaching consists of monthly face to face sessions of approximately 1.5hrs duration.  We find that most value is derived from 6 monthly or 12 monthly programs. 

What's Next

This is a Program for people who are entering the second half of their lives.  It isn’t necessarily a Program about retirement – but it might be.  Until the reflection, research and planning have been done we can’t define this period.  Perhaps it will be a re-birth; a re-invention; a re-vival?  This is the time to take stock.  Have you achieved your goals and dreams?  Is there more to be done?  What is missing?  What are you searching for, still?  Let's get a plan together.

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