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What People Say

The service offered by your business is the best I have seen - and I have been exposed to a number of organisations that work in outplacement services.  Yours is the best by a long a way. I didn’t think going into it I would get much out of it having been working in HR, but I was wrong. I have also told others it would be worthwhile spending the money with you to just assist with job applications if they are considering changing jobs. (GP)


Anne and Alexis have a unique mentoring style which provided me with both professional and emotional support, a support which was sometimes needed after hours, including weekends - and they were simply there. I really wish I had found them earlier than when I had to!  (MA)


As a senior executive with over 25 years of experience I found the service to be of an excellent standard for not only my staff but also, somewhat surprisingly, for myself as well. Being unemployed for the first time in my life I was taken by surprise at just how tough the job market is at present. The expertise, and first-hand experience, was insightful. His wise counsel was also of great benefit especially when confronted with the wide and varied opportunities that presented themselves as a result of the situation I found myself in. (IB)


After 18 years in the IT Industry I yearned to do something else. I was guided through a systematic process of self-discovery, outlined the risks/rewards of change and allowed me to make an informed decision about a new career. My time with Career Options Tasmania was personally and professionally life-changing; the scales fell from my eyes and the self-doubt disappeared.  (TK)

After my first session with COT I was blown away with how much I got out of the session. I was hopeful, I felt understood, empowered and motivated. Not only was I given a good pep talk, she listened and got to know me and my situation and I noticed she totally tailored her sessions and offered me a unique experience. I was fortunate to have three other sessions with my Consultant and in that time, we created a brilliant CV. She managed to help me uncover what I have to offer in the workforce and how to put myself out there. (NA)

My former employer offered to connect me with Career Options Tasmania when I left the organisation.  At that point I thought “why not” and assumed it was about helping to get a resumé in order, searching the employment market and coaching on interview technique.  My assumption was wrong.  Naturally those elements are present, but the experience is overwhelmingly so much more.  At a time of change in my working life, my Consultant has been a real circuit breaker - a very welcome interjection in a busy career who has helped me to just take a breath and think for a moment about what matters to me, where I find enjoyment in work and life, and what I’d like to do next that aligns with those core values and beliefs.  (RC)


I came to the program through a company referral as a result of a forced redundancy after 10 years in the same role. I was extremely burnt out, and was guided through the process of discovering my known (and unknown!) skills and helped me to find my passion in working again. The outplacement program has been pivotal in me gaining new employment, but the impact has been so much more than just a new job.  After many years of just having a job and going to work, I was helped to understand exactly WHAT it was I wanted to do, and I now have a job that I love, in an area I'm passionate about. The program helps to develop both personal and job seeking skills, and helped to assist me through a tough time dealing with enormous changes in my life. (SG)


The proactivity and ongoing support of Outplacement Tasmania made an otherwise difficult situation both challenging and rewarding.  Since I have commenced work in a new role, my Consultant has remained in contact and continued to offer support, encouragement and assistance, when it would have been easier to close the book on my case and move on.  This is further testament to the level of professionalism, service and support offered . The knowledge and skills that I gained during the career transition process have been instrumental not only to this job search, but will provide ongoing value into the future. (RJ)

If only employers could offer a service like this to staff while they are still employed! Trust me when I say that this service can truly help shape people’s future. Without a doubt one of the best things a workforce can offer to their staff. (NA) 


I would like to convey a special thanks to my coach. She was exceptional in her approach ….. she has an amazing talent to harness one’s specialty and her support has been tremendous.  For me, the highlight of the transition program has been meeting the right career coach to transition to the next chosen role. I did have a previous coach and he was good, but I didn’t think he could “market” me as well as Career Options Tasmania (COT) did (ie convince myself how marketable I am or what attributes/skills I had to be attractive to a new employer). I would highly recommend COT and have done so.  (AS)

From the initial contact, I was provided encouragement and during the program challenged to reassess what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to be professionally. I was given the confidence to pursue opportunities I may otherwise not have considered. As a result I have secured employment in the most amazing location and am living the dream. (MC)

The time you spent with me and the advice you offered is very much appreciated, it gave me the tools to look at my situation objectively and positively and gave me the confidence to take the path I did. The abridged version is that I had a frank and open conversation with the GM and was able to let her know what was important to me, what and where I saw my strengths, what my concerns are with the position and find out why they want me in this role.  I was surprised at how in control I felt and how I was able to have this conversation in such a positive way.  The upshot was that after this meeting I was excited about the possibility of taking on this role and I applied whole -heartedly.  I had my interview on Wednesday and they offered me the position later that day. (KJ)

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